Arpa of San Venanzo cut with a knife, sliced


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One of the most exclusive products of the entire Italian delicatessen production!

L’Arpa di San Venanzo is a half-carcass of a pig, with the head and thigh removed. It has a minimum maturation of at least 12 months. On the outside it is covered with the typical Umbrian dressing: pepper, wine and a pinch of garlic.

Its name derives from the fact that, being cut horizontally, each slice contains different parts of the pork: the part above the thigh, the belly part, the neck part… Each has a different consistency and taste! And together they create… a symphony of flavours!

It tends to be tasty, but at the same time delicate. The fat part is important, but never strong in taste.

Pork, salt, pepper, garlic.

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