Spicy Schiacciata Spianata, sliced


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A fresh and pungent bouquet of chilli pepper enhanced by fennel seeds. Spiciness is the protagonist, softened by the aromatic soul of the spices.

The spicy schiacciata is a medium-sized salami, its shape is due to the fact that in some areas of Italy, where the climate is warmer and drier, good and correct maturation became difficult; so human ingenuity circumvented the obstacle making a crushed salami, smaller diameter better seasoning!

The external appearance is free of mold and a beautiful red color accentuated by the chilli. When cut, the minced meat is sandwiched with cubes of lard. The scent is complex, combining the typical sweetness notes of fennel seeds with the intense aroma of chilli. The flavor is that of a salami with great character, decisive and balanced.

It is sliced thin, about a millimeter, with the slicer. If used in the preparation of a sauce for pasta, it should be cut into strips or cubes about 3 mm thick.

Pork 94%, Salt, Dextrose, Spices, fennel seeds 0.14%, Antioxidant: E301, Sugar, Preservatives: E252.250. With milk proteins, GLUTEN FREE.

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