Finocchiona Toscana IGP, sliced


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Finocchiona is the Queen of Tuscan cured meats, the one that stands out most in Tuscan gastronomy for flavor, aromas and uniqueness, thanks to the aroma of fennel, used in seeds and/or flowers in the dough, and to the soft consistency. The one and only Finocchiona IGP is born from the combination of the best selections of certified Italian genealogy meats and the artisan recipe of the consortium companies that combines spices and natural aromas.

Eating a slice is like taking a trip to the most authentic and true Tuscany to discover the peasant traditions, the lesser known villages and the most hidden glimpses. Taste it seated at the table of a vintner or a Florentine, Senese, Arezzo or Lucca tavern; enjoy it with two slices of Tuscan bread in the open air; bring it to your table and try to amaze your friends with a salami that has no equal in the world with a fresh and appetizing flavor and an unmistakable scent.

Pork meat, sugars:dextrose, sucrose,whole fennel seeds,pepper,garlic,antioxidant:E301.

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