Guanciale, pieces


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The guanciale is a cut of meat obtained from the pig’s throat. We salt it, season it with aromatic herbs and spices, with which we leave it to mature for about 3 months. We obtain a cured meat with a characteristic compact consistency that makes it perfect both natural and as an ingredient.

An authentic delicacy to be tasted raw finely sliced, excellent with fried polenta, hot focaccia or homemade bread and as a precious and special ingredient for very tasty recipes; perfect for sauces of Mediterranean cuisine.

It is the canonical ingredient of two of the most typical and most loved dishes of the Italian tradition: amatriciana and carbonara. Also try it on hot croutons with truffles or fried polenta.



Pork, Cervia salt, Garlic, Pepper, sugars (dextrose and sucrose), flavorings, Antioxidant: E300. Preservatives: E252.

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