Red Tuna in Olive Oil – Armatore


The Red Tuna is, among the many existing tuna species, certainly the most valuable and sought after. Entirely handcrafted within a few hours of the fishing trip, the Red Tuna fillets in glass by Armatore have a savory and decisive taste.

There are many properties of the Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna: thanks to a diet based mostly on the consumption of other blue fish, it is rich in fatty acids belonging to the Omega 3 family, especially of the EPA and DHA type, very important to counteract the bad cholesterol in the blood.

Furthermore, it is rich in thiamine, niacin, riboflavin and retinol, all water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins. Finally, another benefit not to be underestimated is the high iron content present in Red Tuna, which makes it a very important food to be included in a correct balanced diet.

Red tuna fillets are particularly suitable for the preparation of appetizers, bruschetta and as a condiment for salads and pasta dishes.

Red Tuna (Thunnus Thynnus), olive oil, sea salt. Fishing area: FAO 37.2

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