Salt with Summer Truffle – Savini Tartufi


The Black Summer Truffle Salt combines sea salt with the unique flavor of the Black Summer Truffle; is a product capable of transforming any recipe into a single dish based on truffles.

How to cook with Black Summer Truffle Salt: to be used in any dish that requires salting, as a substitute for classic salt; it can be classified as Sale Grosso even if it is slightly smaller. Excellent for cooking first courses of fresh pasta, egg or durum wheat pasta; it gives a very particular flavor to meat and fish cooked with any method, as well as to different types of appetizers and side dishes: a universal product to keep in the pantry.

Recommended dose: to taste with respect to personal tastes. Take into account the different size of the grains compared to normal coarse and fine salt; in fact the truffle salt is slightly smaller than the normal coarse salt; alternatively it can be ground with a salt mill to obtain a Salt Up to Summer Truffle.

Fine sea salt, dried Italian summer truffle (Tuber Aestivum vitt.) 3%, aroma.

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