Spianata Schiacciata Romana, sliced


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It woos the sense of smell with a light garlic scent and notes of seasoned meat. The taste is intriguing and is distinguished by the characteristic mixture of peppers.
The Roman schiacciata is typical of Lazio, where it is called spianata. Its typicality lies in being slightly garlicky and has a compact, dark red mixture inside, enriched with cubes of lard. The name describes its maturation; the salami is in fact squeezed between two boards, for the entire time of its maturation, until it maintains its shape.
The slice is finely ground, dotted with lardons of a beautiful pearl white. The scent is of expertly seasoned meats and the taste is sweet and delicate, enhanced by a delicate bouquet of spices dosed to respect the excellence of the raw material. In the creation of this salami, the curing time also plays a very important role, and a good palate knows how to recognize its value.

The Schiacciata Romana is cut in a slicer with a thickness of about 1 mm, but it can also be enjoyed thicker and in chunks. For the preparation of very tasty dishes it may require different cuts, from the cube to the strip up to the thick slice.

Italian pork 96%, sea salt, MILK proteins, dextrose, spices, antioxidant: sodium ascorbate, sugar, preservatives: potassium nitrate, sodium nitrite. GLUTEN FREE

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