Salame Ungherese, sliced


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Its delicate smoke scent promises a pleasant aromatic complexity. The taste is sweet and soft, full and smoky, for a taste that envelops and delights. Its very fine grain makes it recognizable from the first slice. In particular, it is distinguished from Salame Milano for the presence of paprika which, in addition to giving it an unmistakable flavor, enhances its coral red color.

The very fine mincing of the pork keeps the dough soft and tasty. The lean parts of bright red color and the well distributed fat with a slightly white and pink color due to the presence of sweet paprika, make tasting a unique experience. A characteristic flavor to be tried, a delicately flavored pleasantness to be enjoyed in thin slices. The sweetness of the paprika spice is balanced by the pleasant notes of pepper and blends perfectly in a homogeneous taste.

Despite its name, Salame Ungherese is an all-Italian heritage, more precisely from Friuli. In fact, seasonal Friulian workers in the mid-nineteenth century brought this extraordinary salami to the Hungarian capital, making it known and appreciated very soon throughout Europe. And from Friuli the Salame Ungherese certainly takes strength and decision.

Italian pork 96%, sea salt, MILK proteins, dextrose, spices, antioxidant: sodium ascorbate, sugar, preservatives: potassium nitrate, sodium nitrite. GLUTEN FREE

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