Salame Toscano, sliced


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The slight scent of garlic introduces us to a strong but harmonious taste. The seasoning aroma is enriched by spicy and peppery notes mitigated by the presence of lard cubes.

The Tuscan salami comes in a natural casing, tied by hand, with the classic bean shape. The fine-grained slice is decorated with diced fat cubes, the meat is a beautiful deep red with peppercorns dotting the slice. The aroma is inviting and when tasted a harmony of seasoned, sweet and savory meats is released where delicate notes of pepper and garlic are recognized for a taste of great character.

The history of this salami is truly ancient; we find the first writings on Tuscan salami in the Natural History of Pliny the Elder who praises the cured meats produced in this splendid region.

Pork 96%, Salt, Wine, Dextrose, Spices, Antioxidant: sodium ascorbate, Sugar, Preservatives: potassium nitrate, sodium nitrite, May contain traces of MILK proteins, GLUTEN AND LACTOSE FREE

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