Smoked Apulian Scamorza PAT – about 350 grams



This cheese, typical of Southern Italy, is one of the principles of our table. With its light flavor, it finds its perfect combination with a wide range of typical products. The dairy product in question is one of the oldest on our territory, and derives its name from the verb “scamorzare”, or “to remove a part”.

The Apulian scamorza has precise characteristics, both in shape and in appearance. The peel, edible, must be straw yellow in color, while the internal paste has the classic white color. The flavor of traditional cheese has a mild but intense flavor. The main feature is the type of preparation: scamorza is a stretched curd cheese, and therefore has its own specific preparation. The smoked version, with a decidedly more amber color, is the result of an intense process that definitely accentuates the aroma to the taste.

Scamorza, as already mentioned, is a cheese that adapts to almost all the traditional flavors of our tradition. This, in fact, represents the ideal supporting actor in a very wide range of recipes. Its flavor tends to enrich any dish in which it is presented, without however overpowering the main ingredient. This is how the richest risottos are born, with the help of radicchio, the most imaginative omelettes, with ham as an accompaniment, and the most suggestive savory pies.

The smoked scamorza deserves a separate mention, which finds its ideal spouse in a salami with an extremely intense aroma and, also, subjected to the smoking process: Speck from Trentino Alto Adige.

The vast range of combinable products, combined with its easy use in all Italian stoves, make scamorza a fundamental product for all our local refrigerators.

Milk cow, wheymilk , salt and rennet

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