“Recco” Spicy Provolone Cheese – aged over 48 months


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Spicy Provolone is a typical product of the Italian dairy tradition. It is a semi-hard stretched curd cheese. It is produced exclusively with whole cow’s milk. After natural acidification, the curd is spun and hot formed. Its taste is very characteristic, spicy and very savory, the paste is compact and not elastic. Spicy Provolone goes splendidly with a few curls of butter, which contrasts its flavor by enhancing it. The seasoning is then masterfully performed by Mr. Recco, in its plants located in Lower Lazio, between Formia and Itri, cities that have a recognized added value in favorable climatic conditions, appreciated since the times of the ancient Romans.

The mildness of temperatures in all seasons, a moderate level of humidity and the right percentage of iodine in the air, thanks to the proximity of the sea, allow for perfect and optimal ripening. Every detail is taken care of and, if necessary, it is positioned in a more suitable location to obtain a high quality standard and the highest degree of perfection..

Cow's milk , salt, kid and / or lamb rennet.

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