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Bagòss is the typical cheese of Bagolino, a small mountain town nestled in the center of the Italian Alps. Indeed Bagòss is something more than Bagolino cheese, Bagòss represents the very soul of the town and its people. In fact, Bagòss is the name by which the inhabitants of Bagolino indicate themselves in the local dialect. The shape is cylindrical (diameter 40-55 cm, side 10-12 cm, weight I6-20 kg), with a hard consistency, the crust is oiled, the paste consistent, sometimes with small holes and when ripe it tends to break into flakes; the color is typical, straw yellow, due to the addition of saffron, while the rind has a brown-ocher color. The smell is characteristic of aged cheese, penetrating, persistent, the spicy sensations of saffron are perceived, combined with notes of pasture and haymaking. Typical intense flavor (of aged cheese, slightly spicy, especially in very aged cheeses.

raw cow's milk , salt, rennet, saffron.

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