‘Nduja Calabrese Nobile Orba


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The ‘Nduja Calabrese Nobile Orba is therefore considered a product of excellence, because it is genuine, tasty and fragrant. It is still family-run, but for some decades there has been an increasingly expert craft specialization and attentive to the request of an ever-growing clientele.

The product is essentially composed of pork lard, bacon and pancetta; to this is added salt and naturally dried chilli peppers produced in the Pore. This pepper has the particularity of not being treated with chemicals precisely because the soil of this area always remaining with an optimal degree of humidity allows its natural growth.

Traditionally considered as the ‘nduja par excellence, it is so called because it is made with the “blind” pig intestine. It has a weight that can range from 1 to 3 kg and requires aging for up to 180 days. Once upon a time, offering the”orba” to their guests it meant sharing the most precious things in the house. Today this product is mainly intended for delicatessens, restaurants and, in general, for purists of true ‘nduja.

Pork, Calabrian hot pepper cream 15% (hot Calabrian peppers 95%, salt), spices, salt, dextrose, antioxidant: sodium ascorbate.

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