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Bella Lodi is naturally lactose free. Thanks to the careful selection of the lactic ferments used in its production (unique selection Pozzali Lodigrana in collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture of the Catholic University of Milan) during the fermentation and maturing process the lactose present is transformed into lactic acid by the same ferments.

The typical production area of Bella Lodi is identified with the plain to the right and left of the river Adda in the middle / lower course, before flowing into the Po. This is the alluvial plain of the Adda and its water basin, including the course of the Serio river which flows into the Adda south of Crema.

The fresh milk is poured into special wide and low basins to allow the natural surfacing of the cream (cream). The partially skimmed milk is preheated and whey is added, a culture of bacterial flora, similar to what happens in yogurt. The milk is then heated in traditional copper boilers and natural rennet is added to start coagulation.

The so-called curd, thus obtained, is cut manually with a tool called a spino, into pieces as large as a grain of rice. The temperature is then raised to cook the curd. After cooking, it is left to cool while resting. After about an hour it is left to drain in a hanging linen cloth, in the shape of a bundle.

This dough, which is now cheese, is placed in cylindrical molds (fascere) where it takes its characteristic shape. A few days later, the already cylindrical shape is extracted to be immersed in brine (water and cooking salt), where it will remain for a month. It will then be extracted, left to dry and sent for maturation in special warehouses, kept in the dark and at a constant temperature for over a year and a half.

During these long months the cheesemakers will take care of the form by cleaning and turning it numerous times, brushing it and verifying its good maturation, with olfactory checks and above all by means of the characteristic hammer that is used by striking the shape like a drum to listen to the typical noise.

A special tasting and sensorial analysis group establishes a selection of the best shapes during the seasoning period, evaluating the best pasta, the best flavor and the most intense aroma; they are accompanied by a maturation of over 24 months.

Golden rind, seasoned, drier, crumbly and grainy, with a stronger but always sweet flavor. To be served with still red wines or sweet white wines.

MILK, salt, rennet. Preservative: lysozyme (natural egg protein)

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