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Bitto is the best known of the Valtellina DOP cheeses, with an unmistakable and intensely aromatic taste and flavor. It is produced exclusively in the mountain pastures during the summer, as its centuries-old tradition dictates.

From the first months of maturation, Bitto stands out for its sweet and aromatic taste, more pronounced if made with the addition of goat’s milk. The slow aging allows its flavor to become even more lively and intense.

Bitto is obtained from the processing of whole milk, its paste is semi-hard and golden yellow in color, characterized by slight irregularly shaped holes, called “partridge’s eye”. Its rind is thin and compact, its sides concave.

Bitto is a meditation cheese, the chewing paste is crumbly and very soluble, the strong flavor leaves hints of dried fruit, hazelnut, walnut, butter, hay and dried flowers. To taste it, you need to bring the cheese to temperature, chew it carefully and let its taste envelop you.

Milkraw cow, milk Raw goat from 0 to 10%, salt, rennet.

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