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Ortensio Lando, writer and chronicler of 1500 wrote: “What will I tell you about the magnificent city of Ferrara, the only teacher in making salami ..”.

Among these, the primacy certainly belongs to “a precious globe, of food unique in the world”.

The famous inimitable Salama da Sugo in no other land to be found, other than the land of Ferrara, of which it has been a gastronomic glory since the 14th century.

It consists of fine pork minced and seasoned with spices, mixed with red wine, generous and genuine. The mixture, wisely and lovingly manipulated, is then carefully stuffed into the bladder, always from pork, whose uniform thickness and consistency must guarantee long seasoning and finally long cooking.

Spherical in appearance, divided into eight wedges regulated by a thick string, which loosens at the end of maturation, when the Salama is now ready for the pot.

It is a prodigious and spicy delight of the Ferrara palates and certain virtues are attributed to it that already made famous the Lord of Ferrara, Modena and Reggio, Niccolò III d’Este: “On both sides of the Po river.. they’re all children of Nicolò.”

Pork meat, pork fat, pork tongue, red wine, salt, pork liver, spices, antioxidant E301, preservative E250.

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