“Saint Marcel” raw ham from Valle d’Aosta – 22 months, whole approx.10,500 kg



In 1985, taking up the ancient and wise recipe, La Valdôtaine started the production of Saint Marcel Raw Ham, thus continuing the local tradition and, at the same time, offering the market a raw ham with mountain herbs, with a taste unmistakable, unique of its kind and in the vast Italian panorama.

The sight of the product conveys the genuineness of an artisanal ham, rustic but with attention to detail, the result of nature, care, tradition and characteristics of the territory that generated it.

The secret of its fragrance is due to three very important factors:

  • the quality of the thighs, rigorously selected using only heavy pork, born and raised in Italy
  • the microclimate of Saint Marcel, i.e. pure mountain air, not very humid
  • the type of processing which, thanks to a balanced recipe with mountain herbs, allows to obtain a product with delicate aromas and flavors.

Pork, Salt, Aromatic Herbs

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Regione di provenienza

Aosta Valley