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Monte Veronese is an Italian cheese with a protected designation of origin, typical of the Veneto region.

The area of origin of the milk, its transformation and the maturing of the cheese is located in the northern part of the province of Verona. It is a mainly mountainous area, rich in fertile pastures, which boasts an ancient tradition of cattle breeding, mountain pastures and the production of milk and cheese.

In this territory, which roughly corresponds to Lessinia, Mount Baldo and the Veronese pre-Alpine hilly area, the production of cheese has been documented since before the year 1000, when it was a precious bargaining chip that replaced money. The name refers to the Veronese dialect word “monta”, which means “milking”.

Monte Veronese “whole milk” has a delicate and pleasant taste reminiscent of fresh milk, cream and fresh butter. The taste is sweet, slightly acid like yogurt. It has a soft structure, easily soluble in the mouth. The ideal pairing is with sparkling or semi-sparkling wines, with white wines, even structured ones, with rosés or with easy-drinking red wines.

Suitable as a main course, diced in salads or sliced in sandwiches and for fondues. Ideal on pizza. Ideale sulla pizza.

Cow's milk , salt, rennet

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