Provolone del Monaco DOP


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Provolone del Monaco DOP is a semi-hard stretched curd cheese, matured and produced exclusively with raw cow’s milk obtained for at least 20% from Agerolese breed cows and for the remainder from different breeds (Frisona, Brunalpina, Pezzata Rossa, Jersey, Podolica), raised exclusively in the production area. The production area of Provolone del Monaco DOP is made by 13 municipalities of the province of Naples, in the Campania region. Provolone del Monaco DOP has a shape similar to that of an elongated melon or pear without a head, divided into a minimum of six sides, weighing between 2.5 and 8 kg. The dough is elastic, compact, uniform with holes of variable diameter up to 5 mm. The crust, thin and almost smooth, of a yellowish color with slightly dark tones, tends to become more yellow and thicker when the seasoning exceeds 7-8 months, also making the pasta more consistent. The flavor is sweet and buttery, distinguished by a pleasant and variously spicy taste, which becomes more penetrating and intense as it matures. It is used as an ingredient in numerous recipes of Neapolitan cuisine, but its characteristic flavor makes it very popular also as a table cheese. Particularly suitable for pairing with a red wine such as the Sorrento Peninsula DOP, especially for the more aged cheese.

Raw cow's milk , Veal and kid rennet, Salt.

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