Il Cocciuto – Caciocavallo in Clay



Cocciuto is a stretched curd cheese produced in Irpinia. Its particular seasoning takes place, as per millenary traditions still present in the Mediterranean basin (Puglia and Sardinia), protected by a shell of raw earth. In this case, a layer of clay was not spread directly on the rind of the cheese, but a caciocavallo of about 1 kg matured for a few weeks was enclosed in a pot worked on a lathe. Raw earth creates an almost totally reductive environment, therefore in the absence of oxygen, while temperature and humidity are kept constant. After about 30 days of rest in our aging hangar, the Cocough can continue its seasoning process even at room temperature, at home, as long as it is not in the refrigerator or exposed to excessive temperatures, therefore between 8 ° and 18 ° c.
It is advisable not to break the shell of the stubborn one before three months from the date of potting engraved on the casing by the master potter Gaetano Branca but, if well preserved, the stubborn one can give its best even after 9 months and more from the potting. The breaking of the shard will produce a completely different cheese from the potted one: it will have a slight greasiness, dust of mites and more pronounced mold bloom the longer the seasoning period. It is therefore advisable to clean the rind with a damp cloth before cutting. The paste will be not particularly hard, with good elasticity and a pronounced crust. The taste maintains a sweet and milky profile, with a pleasant and elegant hint of spiciness. Considering the possible spectacle of the moment of the breaking of the casing, Cocciuto is a cheese to be offered on convivial occasions and celebrations, accompanying it with durum wheat bread, raw vegetables in pinzimonio or fresh seasonal fruit.

Milk, rennet, salt.

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