Guanciale di Mora Romagnola “Zavoli”, pieces


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Guanciale di Mora Romagnola is obtained exclusively from the cheek of Mora Romagnola pigs. After a careful selection and processing of the meat of the Mora Romagnola pigs, the transformation is rigorously carried out in an artisanal way without the use of chemical additives, according to the knowledge handed down for generations. All this to best enhance the unique genetic characteristics of this breed that are capable of making us appreciate even today the scents and sensations of the past. The taste is intense but not strong, in the mouth it has a unique elegance. The bacon of Mora Romagnola is perfect for use in the kitchen to prepare fantastic first courses or even thinly cut and placed on a slice of toasted bread.



Mora Romagnola pork, Cervia sweet salt, pepper.

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300gr, 500gr, 1kg

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