Castelmagno DOP


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Castelmagno DOP is a semi-hard cheese, produced with raw whole cow’s milk and small additions of partially skimmed sheep or goat’s milk (5-20%) from cows fed with fresh or hay fodder from the production area.

Castelmagno DOP has a cylindrical shape with a diameter of 15-25 cm, sides of 12-20 cm and a weight ranging from 2 to 7 kg. The rind is thin and smooth with a reddish-yellow color in the fresher forms and tends to a wrinkled appearance in the more seasoned forms. The paste, very crumbly and without holes, is ivory white with a tendency to yellow-ocher and has blue-green veins (marbling) in the more seasoned forms. The flavor is delicate if slightly seasoned, savory and spicy if seasoned.

Castelmagno DOP must be stored in a cool place or in the refrigerator, wrapped in its purchase paper. It is eaten as a table cheese or used as an ingredient in many recipes. Ideal in the preparation of pasta, rice, polenta and gnocchi, but also on beef carpaccio. It can also be enjoyed as a dessert, accompanied by honey or jams. Find the right pairing with full-bodied red wines. Trova il giusto abbinamento con vini rossi corposi.

Milkcow's raw, salt, rennet.

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