Prosciutto di Parma DOP “San Giacomo”, whole – 11 kg approx.



“Only Italian meat, slow maturation, no preservatives, no nitrites, no nitrates, gluten free”

Only the best thighs are selected: with the trimming, part of the fat and the rind are removed in order to give them the classic rounded shape of Prosciutti di Parma.
Salted exclusively by hand, the application of the right amount of salt is crucial to give Parma Ham S. Giacomo, once the curing is complete, unique characteristics: clear and uniform ruby color, sweet and delicate taste and an unmistakable scent.
The part of the thigh without rind is spread with lard, a mixture composed mainly of pork fat, in order to keep the product soft.
In the twelfth month of maturation, the Inspectors of the Parma Quality Institute, after the necessary survey and verification operations, fire-brand the ham with the famous Stella Ducale and the underlying initials that identify the manufacturer. From that moment on, the simple ham has been authentic Prosciutto di Parma DOP.
The hams are “tapped”, ie pointed with a special horse bone needle, a material that has the characteristic of retaining the scent, releasing it immediately and picking it up again. The thigh is pointed at the 5 main points, from which expert pointers, by sniffing the needle, are able to evaluate the characteristics of the product and guarantee the consumer the high quality of Parma Ham San Giacomo.

Pork meat, Salt.

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