Peschiole with Summer Truffle – Savini Tartufi


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The Tuscans Savini Tartufi carry their main sphere of action in the company name itself, but they range around gastronomy products with broad views.

They are not afraid to “put away” these embryonic peaches, easy to mistake for olives. Collected when the stone is not yet formed, they are passed in a light acetic brine, and then preserved in oil.

Powerful the aroma of truffles: the variety is Tuber Aestivum – that is, the black truffle – but the scent is decidedly overwhelming. Open in half or in wedges, peschiole are an addictive aperitif: one leads to another. The peaches are firm, almost crunchy, they give a sour and green taste, not cheeky but catching. The similarity with green olives – reminiscent of the Bella di Cerignola – is very strong at least as long as you cut them, that the sloping of the pulp more easily recalls the fruit. Curious but drinkable, they call the hand insistently. Accompanied by a good glass they really ensnare.

The only problem is quitting.

Peschiole (small peaches) 53%, sunflower oil, salt, flavoring, wine vinegar, sugar, dried summer truffle (Tuber Aestivum vitt.) 0.1%.

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