Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia D.O.P. – Lobster Seal



It is the most “vinegary” of the three Traditional Balsamic. The delicate aroma and pleasantly intense acidity make it ideal on carpaccio, pinzimonos and marinades. It is suitable to be used hot, to flavor meat and fish at the end of cooking or for sauces and dips.

The Lobster Sticker is appreciated for the pleasantly pronounced sensation of volatile acidity. Its light and delicate aroma and its good acidity are perfect when used raw on meat and fish carpaccio, in dips and marinades.

On the fire it is recommended to flavor shellfish, lamb chops, chicken breasts and rare red meats at the end of cooking. Great chefs use it in the preparation of cooking stocks for game, poultry and fish (especially cod). Warmed and homogenized with butter and Parmesan cheese, it creates a delicious sauce on the ravioli.

Cooked grape must.

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