Truffle salame, about 330 gr


Obtained through a mix of lean meats (shoulders and mince) and fatty (bacon, throat and lard), these are processed like the classic procedures; the first phase involves degreasing with the cutter, then grinding with a meat grinder, using a plate of a few millimeters, and finally everything is mixed in the mixer with salt, spices and precisely the truffle, which will enhance the flavor.

For a snack or an appetizer in company, strictly served with half-salt bread, all accompanied by a glass of Lambrusco or a Pignoletto Frizzante. Its presence on a mixed platter of cold cuts and cheeses ennobles the dish and makes it unique and exclusive, positively surprising all the diners who will immediately recognize its presence on the plate. Lovers of the tastiest salami will not be able to resist a tasty sandwich filled with this spicy delicacy.

Pork, salt, dextrose, pepper, summer truffle “tuber aestivum vitt” 0.17%, truffle aroma 0.15%, antioxidant E301. Preservatives e250, e252.

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