Spicy Pork Coppiette


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Coppiette are made exclusively with selected national pork loin.

They appear as strips of dried meat, artfully flavored with salt, wine, chilli and fennel seeds. The meat comes only from pigs born, raised and slaughtered in Italy from which fine cuts of loin are selected. After a trimming necessary to eliminate the greasy parts, it is cut into strips homogeneous in length and thickness.

Following a rest at a low temperature, the meats are cured with salt, spices and wild fennel seeds, before being sent to the drying phase. The strips gradually lose weight, until they reach the right balance of consistency and expression in aromas and taste.

The classic version, that is the chilli one, has a strong and marked taste, which perfectly combines with the seasoned and balanced taste of the meat.

Pork loin, salt, flavorings, spices, chilli, wine, col. E120, E150B.

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