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Armagnac "Chateau de Maniban" - 1978

Armagnac is one of the largest and oldest grape brandies in the world, in production for more than 500 years. 250 years before the Cognac! In recipes (Alchimiste) 1441 were found the consiglo to use the Armagnac as medicine …
The Armagnac region is located in south-west France. The best area for Armagnac is the BASArmagnac, where Château de Maniban. Château de Maniban only produces exclusively BASArmagnac. In some foreign markets is not BAS-Armagnac Armagnac written but only on the label, because consumers think that Armagnac is better than BAS-Armagnac. For Italy instead there is always written “BAS-Armagnac”.
The Bas-Armagnac is a white wine distillate, obtained from grape varieties Folle Blanche (= Piquepoult), Ugni blanc and Colombard.

The differences between Cognac and Armagnac:
Armagnac has no industrial-scale producers such as Cognac;
Armagnac is the area of small producers in Cognac are almost only big names; The quantities of Armagnac produced are much more limited;
Starred Restaurants work more with Armagnac;
There are many vintage wines; aged in wooden barrels in the area, which gives a special flavor;
The distillation is continuous to get more rich aromas;
Aging in oak barrels in the area that gives more details perfumes.

Clément très vieux Rhum agricol "Single Cask" 100% Canne bleue

Très Vieux Rhum Agricole “Single Cask” 100% of Canne Bleue Clement distillery is a unique rum, produced in very limited quantities. After an eight-year aging, each bottle is signed by the cellar master and distinguished by a numerical code with which you can trace a barrel, the maturation and the origin of the sugar cane. It is a true masterpiece, first Rhum single variety in the world.

Tasting Notes:
It is of a dark amber color bright. To smell appears to have a complex and elegant bouquet, made of spicy notes, hints of dried fruit, sugar cane, caramel, fig, cedar and raisins. The palate is soft, full and long, with an intense aftertaste falling upon the dried fruit.

Since 1887 the production of Rhum Clément takes place following the most pure agricultural traditions, and rules of a secret recipe that has been handed down for centuries from generation to generation. La Maison Clément is currently one of the oldest properties on the island of Martinique, to the point of being almost become a kind of historical monument: always open to the public, welcomed guests over the decades and truly prestigious visitors.

The elaboration of the Vieux Rhum Agricole is subject to strict controls, which are carefully selected sugar cane, and that the phases of distillation, aging and bottling are monitored. Clément distillery in the production methods have not changed for years: that’s how I made Rhum perfectly natural, the original character and marked by an incomparable finesse.

Cognac Delamain très vènèrable

The house Delamain, thanks to its deep roots in these privileged areas and to constantly friendly with the owners-distillers, it is always ensured their sourcing the best sources taking care with particular attention to both aging and other small processing steps Cognac. All distillates mature at least 20 years before being put on the market and even the distilled water used is subject to meticulous care. It is mixed with the “Vieilles faibles” (very old spirits who have lost much of their original content) several months before use, to allow a perfect “mariage” between the two components. The Delamain, smiling ironically state: “While ensuring perfect quality, we are so foolish as to render aging water!” . It is virtually a X.O. Pale & Dry especially aged and forms the apex of the commercial range of Delamain. Like all the spirits of the Delamain House is elaborated exclusively from water-vines of the Grande Champagne, the heart of the Cognac.

COLOR: Amber topaz and brilliant, with a wonderful and sweet golden transparency.
SMELL: Net bouquet, frank and subtle authority so lively and velvety at the same time, to make it irresistible.
TASTE: In the mouth it keeps an unexpected freshness that stands out for the perfection of its balance

Grappa Berta - Founder selection

Vine Variety: Berta selection.
Distillation system: Discontinuous.
System: Boilers copper steam.
Woods used: different woods.
Wood toasting: Miscellaneous
Color: Amber.
Aroma: complex, wide, enveloping, with great personality. Wonderful concert of sensations in which we found the ripe fruit, cherry, tobacco, cocoa and vanilla.
Taste: Rich, enveloping, confirmed the seductive the bouquet.
Capacity of the bottles: cl. 70
Alcohol content: 43% vol.

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