Salama da Sugo ferrarese IGP

The salama da sugo is a sausage of pork meat typical of the Ferrara province. It is prepared by grinding various parts such as the neck of the pig cup, pillow, lean pulp resulting from trimming of the thigh, for the production of ham and the shoulder, is added a small percentage of language and liver, to which, in contemporary recipe, are added salt, pepper, nutmeg.

The tanning of the dough ends with the abundant addition of strong red wine, not sweet and not pasteurized and without added sulfites which, in addition to flavor the sausage, in a decisive way characterizes the seasoning, by directing the formation of the typical flavor that presents the salama da sugo.The resulting mixture is stuffed into the bladder of the same pig, in a characteristic round shape.

The type of binding allows the formation of eight or sixteen segments depending on the size; after a few days of the initial drying, the continuous maturing for about a year in a suitable environment with a climate cellar.

The baking process proceeds with the immersion of the salamina in warm water for one night. Then it washed under running water, even with the help of your hands, so as to remove the layer of mold, now softened, due to aging. For cooking it continues with the immersion of Salamis in a pot type Asparagus (tall and narrow container which requires overall less water than others to wider base containers), inserting it directly into the water.

It must take the precaution of keeping it suspended tying it to a spoon placed sideways over the edge to avoid touching the inner walls or the bottom of the pot: If the salamina is well done, the binding string can hold the weight of the sausage throughout the long cooking. This procedure, by venting a bit ‘of the preparation of fat, makes the intense taste more pleasant. The important thing is that it is not pierced before cooking, as you do instead for the sausage. The cooking time can vary from four to eight hours on low heat.

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