Prosciutto di Norcia IGP al Pepe Rosa

A noble product and ancient tradition as can be with a ham prepared in the cradle of the butchery. Norcia ham, as well as having obtained (‘coveted PGI (Protected Geographical Identification), is unusual in that special preparation which is completed with a maturation of at least 16 months.

And it is the clean, fresh air of the Sibillini Mountains one that gives sweetness to the ham and rewarding. the resulting product can certainly be considered among the most exclusive of its kind, with a well-defined taste and captivating aroma that emphasizes high quality. The ham has the form characteristic “pear” with the classic triangular cut the rind, as required by the age-old tradition passed down through the centuries by the “master butchers”.

The ham slice shows the right balance between the red / pink color of the lean part and the candid, just tinged with pink, fat. The balance of tones is also present in taste, sweet and savory (barely perceptible) and with a delicately aromatic scent that comes from the use of the precious “balsamic vinegar” in the preparation of the brine.

Ham refines its quality only after a long maturation period (over 18 months) and is the layer of lard, which gives the meat the right softness and delicate flavor, filtering in time the essence of natural flavorings. The IGP Norcia Ham It has special characteristics that distinguish it from many other products of the same kind: first of all the high quality of the meat, obtained only from heavy Italian pork, so prepare with all natural ingredients and especially the seasoning mt. 1000 share, in the environments of Prosciutto di Norcia.

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