Paciotti Salumeria

The typicality at hand!

Tagliatelle all'uovo

Noodles craftsmanship, mixed with eggs, mixture of different semolina for every type and measure, and dried hanged and slowly, easy to digest, very porous (absorbs well and keeps the sauce), successful cooking time and servings.

Spaghetti di Gragnano IGP

Pasta of Gragnano is a food product, obtained from the mixture of durum wheat semolina with water of the local aquifer, produced throughout the territory of the town of Gragnano in the province of Naples.

The formats are released for consumption, different, all typical, fruit of the imagination of Gragnano pasta makers. In terms of physical characteristics, the Pasta of Gragnano has a homogeneous appearance in spots, cuts, cracks or air bubbles. The section of the paste fracture is vitreous and its color is pale yellow.
To cooking has a firm texture and elastic at the same time with a good cooking resistance which ensures uniformity and absence of stickiness. The organoleptic properties of Gragnano pasta give it a tangy flavor with strong taste of durum wheat and keeps the smell of ripe wheat ready for harvest.

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