Bloc di Foie Gras d’Oca Edouard Artzner

From the royal courts of the XIXth century to the table of the most gourmet purposes of our age, only one name is on the lips of all to evoke the real foie gras of Alsace: Edouard Artzner.

Worthy heiress of a long tradition inaugurated by Jean-Pierre Clause, which produced the Foie Gras in Strasbourg in 1780, the Maison Edouard Artzner continues to ennoble this highlight of French gastronomy.

Our chefs use the same recipe for over two centuries. From the selection of raw materials, the care taken at every stage of their preparation, voluntarily maintained artisanal, to prevail is the passion for perfection. All foie gras are chosen by hand before being cold-gutted to remove all imperfections. They are then seasoned with a secret recipe with 14 spices that give it a unique flavor and inimitable.

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