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Porchetta di Ariccia IGP

Always the Porchetta di Ariccia is always known for its tasty meat and color between white and pink, whose flavor and aroma are enhanced by skilful use of rosemary, pepper and garlic in the preparation of the dish, and the crispness of the crust that is its indisputable characteristic, obtained through proper cooking, and that remains unchanged even after several days of preparation.

The combination of the fragrance of the meat and the crispness of the crust depends on the skill of the traditional “porchettari”, historical artisans who guard the great skill of such preparation, and who know how to add flavor, tie, cook the meat, maintaining the shape of the animal for ensure an extremely tasty and crisp product. Thanks then to all these aspects, well combined, the “Porchetta di Ariccia” is a “unique” product, known and appreciated all over the world

Bloc di fois gras d'oca Edouard Artzner

From the royal courts of the XIXth century to the table of the most gourmet purposes of our age, only one name is on the lips of all to evoke the real foie gras of Alsace: Edouard Artzner.
Worthy heiress of a long tradition inaugurated by Jean-Pierre Clause, which produced the Foie Gras in Strasbourg in 1780, the Maison Edouard Artzner continues to ennoble this highlight of French gastronomy.

Our chefs use the same recipe for over two centuries. From the selection of raw materials, the care taken at every stage of their preparation, voluntarily maintained artisanal, to prevail is the passion for perfection. All foie gras are chosen by hand before being cold-gutted to remove all imperfections. They are then seasoned with a secret recipe with 14 spices that give it a unique flavor and inimitable.


Cantucci toscani al cioccolato

“Of the kingdom of nooks is the king, envied by the most precious in his golden robes and looked for the realms of all the greedy. We suggest to keep it jealously locked up longer life to preserve. ”

The chocolate cantuccio is the KING of the CANTUCCI collection because it was the first taste different from the traditional almond, the first who collected a consensus.
Its recipe dates back more than a decade ago, when experienced for the first time the combination of chocolate dough, which has given the characteristic brown color. Luscious biscuit with its bigwigs, lends itself to be a perfect dessert to be enjoyed alone, or accompanied by a dollop of cream as it is always served the classic and timeless cake Sacher in Vienna.
Warmed by a heat source, emits the most of the taste of chocolate, enhanced by notes of Italian orange.

Scaldatelli pugliesi

The scaldatelli, one of the typical Apulia recipes more features, are the bagels which bring together, in their preparation, the most characteristic elements of the Apulian agricultural landscape namely wheat, olive oil and wine. Their typical shape is circular but are also found in elongated form. The dough can be flavored with chilli, sesame, oregano and tomato, onion, olives … The scaldatelli may be proposed either as an appetizer or as a snack between meals and the other, both in the basket of bread as an accompaniment to seconds dishes.

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